My Other Blogs

Since this is not the only blog I run, and I love connecting with people on different levels and different interests:

My Main Handle: Peanut Butter and Pineapple. Read the About here

 Just So Thoughts  is my “archive” blog where I used to reblog so much that it became my main blog rather than one of my secondaries, so I am going to be more active here on my main handle. But for sure, check that blog out, too. You might find things of interest there, and I might occasionally reblog things for archiving. reasons. 

 The Questioning Muslimah  deals with a lot of Islamic issues particularly slated for the Muslim community itself. If you are not of the Muslim community, you might want to explore this blog thoroughly before you hit the follow button. 

Random Quotes I like and collect: Quotational Quotes

Music that particularly catches my ear for whatever reasonPhillyra

Random pictures that I love and collect Pictorial Stack

Ramblings of not an expert started as a pseudo school project and usually has things to do with nature of news on Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and sometimes Burma. I treat it as another archive blog

I have two more personal blogs that are very dear to me. Rahgheer is one where I try to actually be a serious blogger. Tara is another one, and the about is here If you are somebody that I know in real life, and choose to follow these two blogs, especially the latter one, please respect me and my privacy and drop by the ask box to let me know that you’ve stumbled upon the blog. I don’t mind that you are following the blogs, but a respectful acknowledgement would be nice, and much appreciated. I would also appreciate it if you  respect my privacy and not divulge this piece of information about my life to other people, especially those that we both know in common.

Also, the secondary blogs are not necessarily active all the time. But I like going back to them from time to time.