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See these images?



Both of these images are false.

The first one is an edited image from an article from 2004: 80 Thai Muslims suffocate after arrest at protest. It has nothing to do with Burmese soldiers but Thai soldiers, and it was not a deliberate massacre. Those people died because they were weak from lack of food combined with the suffocation caused of being held together in a tiny area.

The second image is of Buddhist monks cremating China’s earthquake victims from 2010. And Buddhist monks are very unlikely to kill people- any people- at all, because of their beliefs- spreading lies about them like this is a complete disrespect of what they believe in.

Not only are those images and others like them a disrespect of what the Burmese people suffer from, they are nothing but misinformation and lies that complicate matters further and thus only hurt people. It is true that the Burmese government enforces the persecution of Muslims in Burma, but not like this. Spreading lies does not help the cause. Misinformation is not helping.

If you’re so concerned about what’s happening in Burma, then actually educate yourself about the issue instead of spreading lies.

i m just gonna keep reblogging this until ppl understand not  to circulate around fake pictures. it would mean a lot if my followers did the same but no one is obligated to. 

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